- 25.03.2024 - 17:12 

Where is UBS closing its Credit Suisse branches and ATMs in Switzerland?

Tobias Trütsch and Luis Nägelin from the FSI-HSG analysed the UBS and Credit Suisse (CS) locations and calculated the air distance from each CS bank branch or ATM to the nearest UBS bank branch or ATM.

In this way, they have identified the CS locations that are most likely to disappear or remain. They argue that due to the large distance to the nearest UBS branch, only the following five CS bank branches will be saved from closure: Einsiedeln, Muri bei Bern, Moutier, Döttingen and Stäfa. Furthermore, they assume that those CS ATMs that are located more than five kilometres from the nearest UBS ATM (21 ATMs) are very likely to remain open. These include the locations in Scuol, Arosa, Schwyz, Koblenz, Zurzach and Döttingen, which are more than ten kilometres away. A further 21 CS ATMs within three to five kilometres of the nearest UBS ATM could also be retained.

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