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The Center for Financial Services Innovation is a cross-institutional cooperation that is coordinated with the rectorate. It functions largely as an autonomous and entrepreneurially managed unit. It is particularly active in the areas of research, teaching, continuing education and services, and advises companies and government agencies.


The Center is affiliated with the Swiss Institute of Banking and Finance (s/bf-HSG), which provides administrative support to the Center. The Center cooperates with:

School of Finance

Swiss Institute of Banking and Finance

School of Management

Institute of Business Administration

Swiss Institute for SME and Entrepreneurship

School of Law

Institute of Finance, Financial Law and Law and Economics

School of Computer Science

Institute of Computer Science

Structure/Embedding Center


The Center is strategically managed by the Steering Committee, which is made up of members of the management of the HSG institutes involved in the Center as well as a representative of the Rectorate. In addition, there is an advisory board in which representatives of the strategic partners as well as other external experts can take a seat. The Advisory Board has no authority to issue directives, in order to fully preserve the independence of the Center and the academic freedom of the Center's professors. The executive director manages the operational business. All newly created professorships, as well as other interested chairs from related fields, such as insurance, represent the Supporting Faculty. In addition, research assistants and doctoral students support the research topics of the professors involved in the Center. to the professorships


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